Udec Classic Systems Central Power: Decorative Area LIght for Office

Model 12UT Fluorescent Emergency Light
UDEC Ultra-Thin office decor area lights are specifically designed to attractively compliment any setting. They can easily be mounted on wall or ceiling for optimum style and lighting.
  • These incredible energy efficient lights can function as a maintained light source or be automatically switched for security/emergency lighting.
  • The 12UT produces twice as much light as halogen or incandescent bulbs at a fraction of the cost.
  • Available in designer colors - white, gloss black, regal blue, burgundy, avocado or brushed aluminum.
  • Wall or ceiling mount.

12UT-12 Fluorescent Emergency Light 12VDC 10"x9"x1.75" $98.95
12-UT-24 Fluorescent Emergency Light 24VDC 10"x9"x1.75" $98.95
16-UT-12 Fluorescent Emergency Light 12VDC 14"x9"x1.75" $108.95
16-UT-24 Fluorescent Emergency Light 24VDC 14"x9"x1.75" $108.95

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