Emergency Lighting Fixtures Accessories: WIre Guards
Protect from vandalism and stop accidental damage to your exit signs and emergency lights! Our Wire Guards are enclosed on all sides, which is the type of protection you need to vandal proof your exit signs and emergency lighting products.
  • Wire Guards are constructed with tempered steel wire and are resistance welded.
  • The finish is moisture and weather resistant powder coated epoxy and polyester.
  • Chrome or white are the standard colors; other colors may be custom ordered.

Other sizes are available. Please contact Udec with your specifications.

UC34-33 Model UC34-33 Double Remote Heads 8"x8"x16" $39.50
UC34-30 Combination exit-light side mounted lights 26"x14"x16" $39.95
UC34-14 Combination exit-lights on top 18"x10"x15" $39.75

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