NYC Approved

Local Law 26 RS 6-1 went into effect July 1, 2006. This affects all Group E High Rise Buildings over 75 feet.

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  • 42-23-15.5 Afterglow Brightness Rating far exceeds the stringent 30-7-5 Standard specified in RS 6-1.
  • The Long Afterglow is generated with densely concentrated Strontium Oxide Aluminum Photoluminescent Pigment permanently bonded to solid, impact-resistant aluminum sheeting.
  • The smooth, hard, non-porous surface is resistant to dirt and easily cleaned with water or a mild cleansing agent.
  • Non-Radioactive, Non-Toxic, Fire Resistant
  • The pigment never wears out. If kept clean they will recharge indefinitely.
  • MEA Listed

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