About Udec Corp.

We're proud that UDEC has supported its customers for more than 30 years. With this vast experience in emergency lighting and exit signs, we've learned how to simplify your choices and insure that the benefits of the many alternates are easily understood. You can then make the most cost-effective purchases for your particular requirements.

Emergency lighting is all about saving lives perhaps including yours! For each kind of lighting fixture we've shown an economical BASIC solution that insures code compliance and reliable long-term service. Unlike most suppliers, we offer a 5 year warranty meaning we will not sell poor quality inferior fixtures. We also have shown our BEST product solutions. The lighting meets the same code standards. The difference is in an automated testing system that guarantees that every fixture is working properly within the code requirements and will be there when YOU need it! These auto test features including our Self Diagnostic/Self Test feature do not rely upon manual maintenance testing that too often is overlooked. Each fixture tells YOU that it needs service help. For us emergency lighting and exit signs without this life safety protection is like driving a car without a seat belt!

We also feature our "Green" exits to eliminate the need for any installation wiring or any electrical power to operate the signs. There are no manual code required monthly and annual 90 minute tests. All that is needed is occasional dusting! Toxic wastes including the batteries and electric printed circuit boards in conventional emergency lights and LED exit signs are eliminated plus receiving qualification for LEED green construction credits. Check out the UDEC photo luminescent exits! They may well be the best choice, and we'll be happy to help you understand where they can be used in your buildings.

To insure the necessary lighting for these "green" exits, we have special fluorescent light fixtures for stairwells and corridors equipped for normal lighting and emergency lighting plus a special UV charging light for the photo luminescent exits. Self Diagnostic test program is also available for this fixture- also an optional smoke detector!

Some of our unique system solutions include emergency lighting for outdoor athletic fields and public park areas when the power fails, back up power systems that can provide emergency lighting for existing light fixtures in both small and large buildings, UPS power systems to fill the void between back up generators and the lighting load when the generators don't start! UDEC has also supplied thousands of central powered night and emergency lighting systems with combination fixtures to save money, eliminate code required individual fixture testing and multiple battery replacements.

Contact UDEC for all your emergency lighting and emergency power backup system needs.

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