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Model UR-1 Emergency Lighting Unit

Emergency and economical unit with "EZ" install back plate feature. Modern appearance and low maintenance.

Udec - Lighting the Way to Safety for Over 40 Years!
NYC Approved

Udec is your total RS 6-1 Solution! Local Law 26 RS 6-1 affects all Group E High Rise Buildings over 75 feet. Get Code Compliant Today!

For over 40 years Udec Corporation has been providing quality emergency and safety lighting products for most any need. You've grown to trust Udec and we are happy to bring our products to this new website for your convenient reference. Our highly trained and helpful staff are standing by to help you with your order or understanding any of our fine products. Let Udec help you find a powerful and unique solution for all of your emergency lighting and exit sign needs.

Industry Notes

As technology begins to change the very basis of a sign into a fluid message, the very nature of an exit signs may be changing. Recent patents, for example patent application 20070203840, are creating the notion of a ‘community’ sign. The technology being proposed integrates planned retail messages into display signs, through an “open content” network. [...]
Emergency lighting, as the best technicians know, blends with standard egress lighting to create a comprehensive lighting system. Specific codes address these common purposes, as well. Take for example the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code (NFPA), found at section 101. The code requires the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting under section 5-8, [...]
The use of emergency light fixtures will always be a balance of competing functions. Specifically, can the appearance of the fixture support the occasional emergency capacity, reliably? I’m always looking for the two sides of this equation: a new invention, and the occasional breakdown in fixture reliability (especially if they result in recalls).That’s why the [...]
Exit signage must meet at least the minimum standards for use, found (as one prominent example) in the National Fire Protection Association’s Life Safety Code (NFPA). This section also develops rules for the installation of exit signs (section 5-1, “Marking of Means of Egress”). As history has shown, the rules are always changing. It’s as [...]
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